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Don’t miss our Grade 4 study method workshop in Pretoria on the 2nd of February!!  http://www.everythingaboutkids.co.za/event/graad-4-studie-metode-werkswinkel/

Many parents with grade 4 children are biting their nails and worrying about the year to come.  How will my child cope with exams for the first time?  How must he study?  Should I help him or leave him to learn on his own?

Grade 4 can be a daunting year for parents, especially if it is your eldest child that must face this hurdle and write exams for the first time.  It can be a scary experience for both parent and child.  But what can you as a parent do to make the transition to grade 4 a little bit easier?

First, RELAX!

When you stress, your child gets stressed.  Stress makes you forget stuff.  It makes you get that blank feeling in the exam, where you can’t remember anything. 

Don’t make a big deal of tests and exams.  Don’t talk to other parents about your fears where your child can possibly hear you.  Make sure you talk positively and encourage your child.  Believe in him and tell him that anything is possible if you work hard.

Secondly, grow the right study habits from the start.  Do not summarize FOR your child.  Teach him to do it himself.  Create a timetable and encourage your child to work a little bit every day.  By exam time, his summaries will be done, and he will have saved a lot of time.

Thirdly, make time for rest.  When he gets home from school, let him relax for at least 20 minutes before starting with homework.  And make room for little rests in between his study time.

You as a parent are responsible for your child’s learning environment.  Make it an environment of positivity, encouragement, belief and dedication.  You are now setting your child up for success or failure in years to come.

If you need help with study methods, contact us at 071 670 8974 or email us at info@studiemetodes.co.za

Our next grade 4 workshop in Afrikaans is on the 2nd of February 2019 in Pretoria-East.  Don’t miss it!

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