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Watching rugby with toddlers

Watching rugby with toddlers can be a challenge.  Toddlers are the spiders of the human world.  They invade your personal space, they can appear and

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Tips for traveling with kids

To travel or not to travel? As parents we want to give our children the best.  That includes exposing them to different places and cultures. 

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Studie Metodes Werkswinkels
Praktiese Studie Metodes Werkswinkel + Leerstyltoets + Brein Dominansie toets + Persoonlikheidstoets @R1500 per kind. Olympus, Pretoria-Oos
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Rock Falls Ranch
We offer archery, school camps, wedding venue, camping, rock climbing, zip lining and much more.
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Amric Training Center
Get fit and lose weight. Family friendly outdoor training 4 days a week. Located in Pretoria-East.
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Amric Mountain Bike Training
Skills training, outrides, races and much more. For all ages. Pretoria-East
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