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Watching rugby with toddlers

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Watching rugby with toddlers can be a challenge.  Toddlers are the spiders of the human world.  They invade your personal space, they can appear and disappear at will, you have to keep your eye on them and you are too scared to upset them as it might cause a terrifying reaction.  

With the rugby game the first issue is always the use of the tv.  Even though there might be 3 other tv’s in the house, chances are good that your toddler will want to watch his show on whatever tv you want to watch the rugby on.  Try to create a distraction to get him away from the tv and pray he doesn’t return crying in mom’s arms.  

Putting out snacks before the start of the game is never a good idea.  It will either get halfway eaten, thrown on the floor or start a massive sibling fight.  Beware of the “wet chips” situation while the game is on.  It’s never a nice feeling to accidentally put a half licked chip in your mouth when you’re trying to focus on the game.  

As the game progresses you will start to hear a moaning sound coming from your toddler.  It starts quietly but progresses into sounding like three cats fighting in the street at midnight.  There might be many reasons for this, but it is never a pretty sight.  As you calm your toddler down he will start to climb all over you like you are a jungle gym.  Be careful as you might end up with a foot or fist in the face.

While your toddler is jumping on you like a trampoline, he will notice that your attention is not fully on him.  This is when the head-tilt technique starts to occur.  Your toddler will continuously tilt your head from the tv to him. This usually happens when a try is about to be scored.  

When the game is tight and you are tense, make sure there are no toddlers around before you start yelling at the ref.  Toddlers don’t always listen when you tell them to do something, but their ears are tuned to absorb any curse or swear words.  These words are locked into their memory and will be used next time a game is on and grandma and grandpa visits.  It might also be used when you drop them off at school in front of the teacher or the pastor’s wife.