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Tips for traveling with kids

To travel or not to travel?

As parents we want to give our children the best.  That includes exposing them to different places and cultures.  But traveling with young children can be a nightmare.  We have a few tips to make the traveling a little bit easier:

Manage your time

When traveling with children it is important to have a looser schedule than you would have when traveling alone.  There will definitely be a few visits to the bathroom for instance.  You will also end up carrying at least one child, together with the luggage.  So to prevent you from creating extra stress, rather leave home earlier and start the vacation relaxed.

Entertain the kids

The time at the airport and even on the plane can go by very slowly for the young ones.  Make sure you have things to keep them busy like tablets, colouring books etc.  

Pack light

When traveling we tend to overpack because we want to take most of the things that our kids are used to at home with us so they will be comfortable and relaxed.  All that happens in the end is that you have to carry all the heavy luggage as well as your kid.  This again creates stress and makes traveling uncomfortable.  Rather let your child choose two or three things he wants to take with and leave the rest at home.  If you really need something you can always buy it at your destination.  

Manage your schedule

Having a rigid schedule while traveling with kids is not a good idea.  Less is more in this instance.  Make time to visit sites and interesting places, but also let them play and rest in between.  It is no fun visiting museums with a cranky kid. 


A hungry kid is a cranky kid.  Always have snacks ready to fill those empty stomachs and make sure there is enough to drink as well.  Of course bathroom breaks will be needed, so make sure you make enough visits to the restroom.  

Prepare the kids

Kids tend to behave better when they know what to expect. Give them information on what to expect at airport security, what will happen when they board the plane and what it feels like when the plane takes off. Airports are busy places and you don't want your child to be overwhelmed. Most importantly though, enjoy your holiday. These are precious times.
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